"Keep our streets safe, please park your vehicle facing the proper direction on the roadway. Look out for children playing or riding bicycles in our neighborhoods. Thank you."

           -GLENN GOSS, SR. ,                  CHIEF OF POLICE







Rossford Police Department

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(a) No person shall stand or park a vehicle, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or to comply with the provisions of this Traffic Code, or while obeying the directions of a police officer or a traffic control device, in any of the following places:

(1) On a sidewalk, curb or street lawn area, except a bicycle;

(2) In front of a public or private driveway;

(3) Within an intersection;

(4) Within ten feet of a fire hydrant;

(5) On a crosswalk;

(6) Within twenty feet of a crosswalk at an intersection;

(7) Within thirty feet of, and upon the approach to, any flashing beacon, stop sign or traffic control device;

(8) Between a safety zone and the adjacent curb or within thirty feet of points on the curb immediately opposite the end of a safety zone, unless a different length is indicated by a traffic control device;

(9) Within fifty feet of the nearest rail of a railroad crossing;

(10) Within twenty feet of a driveway entrance to any fire station and, on the side of the street opposite the entrance to any fire station, within seventy- five feet of the entrance when it is properly posted with signs;

(11) Alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction when such standing or parking would obstruct traffic;

(12) Alongside any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of a street;

(13) Upon any bridge or other elevated structure upon a street, or within a street tunnel;

(14) At any place where signs prohibit stopping, standing or parking, or where the curbing or street is painted yellow, or at any place in excess of the maximum time limited by signs;

(15) Within one foot of another parked vehicle;

(16) On the roadway portion of a freeway, expressway or thruway.

(17) On any street or highway for more than twenty-four hours. (A.O.)

(18) On any street in such a fashion as to occupy part or all of two or more designated parking spaces.
(Ord. 98-011. Passed 3-23-98.)

(19) No person shall park or stand, or leave unattended, or cause to leave parked or unattended, for more than six (6) continuous hours, a vehicle, motorcycle, boat, recreational vehicle, or vehicle of any kind, wholly or partially within a front yard of any property located in a residentially zoned district, regardless of type, or upon any unpaved portion of a vacant lot in any residential district, unless such a vehicle, motorcycle, boat, recreational vehicle or similar device is wholly within and parked on a driveway. For purposes of this section, “driveway” is defined as set forth in Rossford Municipal Code Section 1133.03.

(Ord. 2009-24. Passed 8-10-09.)

In addition to the foregoing, no person shall stand or park any vehicle (including , but not limited to, any automobile, truck, or motorcycle), camper, trailer, or boat, that is held out for sale, in any yard, tree lawn, or City right of way. Any such vehicle, camper, trailer, or boat must be parked in the seller’s driveway behind the City right of way.

(Ord. 99-008. Passed 4-12-99.)

(b) Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. If, within one year of the offense, the offender previously has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to one predicate motor vehicle or traffic offense, whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. If, within one year of the offense, the offender previously has been convicted of two or more predicate motor vehicle or traffic offenses, whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree.

(ORC 4511.68)


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Parking in your front lawn is illegal? It's often unsightly to your neighbors as well. Also, parking facing against the flow of traffic is wrong too. There are neighborhoods in Rossford that do not have curbs or sidewalks, but this does not allow for the property owner to "create a homemade driveway." It is illegal to park on the tree lawn (also known as the "right-of-way or curb"). Placing stone, blacktop, cement, railroad ties, etc... in the "right-of'way" is a violation of Rossford zoning ordinances.


The City of Rossford loves our children... Please drive carefully and slowly through our neighborhoods. Enforcement of our speed limits will be strictly enforced.